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Our Vision
Each country and region comes with its own constraints & opportunities in the field of education and most students of each region are subjected to those. However in a world which is fast becoming Global, there is little place for such inequities to exist and especially at the higher education level. At International Education Gateway (IEG); we are passionate about helping students & institutions understand and capture the myriad of Global opportunities that are opening up in education today.

With multiple ventures, IEG aims to be an enabler in the process of Globalizing student mindsets and broadening horizons. We are not an influencer as influencing always comes with a certain degree of bias. We believe that if an individual or institution has the right level of information available in an actionable form, they would be able to make the choice that is best aligned to their interests. Our vision is ‘To enable students & institutions to make informed decisions basis actionable & unbiased information and to facilitate the chosen courses of action through to completion’. We deploy cutting edge technology in every aspect of our execution in order to deliver our vision in a cost effective manner.

Our efforts around harmonizing the demand and supply of quality higher education internationally are leading to students finding the opportunities that fit them best. This is increasingly becoming important as people are beginning to question the returns associated with expensive, big-branded education and higher education in general. The ‘right’ choices around country, college and course vary for each student depending on factors like objectives, desired results, financial situation and aptitude.

Most progressive institutions around the world are looking to integrate themselves into a Global economy. IEG partners with such institutions in inculcating a Global mindset in the existing students and importantly in the faculty.

As the demographic & economic changes in the world become more pronounced, the Global higher education will go through a sea-change and IEG will be at the forefront of it.
Our Vision