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Our Ventures
IEG has multiple ventures & subsidiaries working together to deliver the vision: – This is product & trademark owned by International Education Gateway, Singapore. A Global education ecosystem which helps students and their institutions discover and realize Global opportunities. Global opportunities for institutions can be in the form of events with international experts, collaboration opportunities with foreign institutes, meaningful ways to engage with internationally mobile alumni, online presence where it matters etc. For students, learning from international experts, ability to discover best fitting institutes to continue further studies in and to try for a good scholarship are exciting propositions.

Our team of professionals and experts engage with institutions to help serve the student & parent community in ways that have not been effectively done till now.

On the student front, Univariety hosts a robust & proprietary online recommendation engine which enables students around the world to find the right Global education opportunity. This engine called UMAP (Univariety Matching of Aptitude & Preferences) shortlists the institutes which have a prima-facie match with the student. Using this interactive platform, students can then begin direct interaction with the desired institutions to find out course & other specific details. This entire process is facilitated by Univariety to enable the student to make the right decisions. At the end of the process, the student can use Univariety to apply to the final institutes of choice.

To cater to the doubts that students & parents may have while going through this important process, we have a team of trained online counselors who are available to answer all queries via text & voice chat. Additionally, we have another team of counselors who will be present regularly on the campuses of our partner institutions to interact face to face with the students and provide individual guidance. A cornerstone of Univariety is that it is unbiased and aligns to the student interests. Univariety doesn’t function as an extension of the admissions office of universities and hence can provide an exhaustive list of thousands of options across countries for each interested student.

As with any ecosystem, Univariety will actively engage with the education industry stakeholders from all sides. This would mean, Global institutes interested in engaging with students would be as much a part of Univariety as students interested in exploring universities. With the help of technology, Univariety will create the right level of transparency so that each participant can discover what it is looking for but also has a chance of being discovered by someone else. Go on … Discover & be discovered!

“Global Mindset” Certification – An initiative of IEG, Global Mindset certification is granted to an institution which takes defined steps in instilling a Global mindset and capturing opportunities for its students & faculty. This certification lets parents and other stakeholders know that the institute under consideration understands that the world is becoming more integrated and in order to truly succeed, the students need guided Global exposure at every stage.

This certification can be displayed on all official external communication-points that the institute has for example website, application forms, brochures, credential / affiliation documents, part of counselor discussions etc.