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International students are extremely important for UK higher education and the UK education and training system has therefore come to depend on and welcome a strong flow of international students. Given the growth of global competition, it has become essential for policy makers and staff of institutions to be better informed regarding likely patterns of demand, particularly as this will facilitate the formulation of investment decisions and internationalisation strategies at all levels in the system. This study is intended to be an essential tool for use by policy makers, professionals and practitioners in all countries. This report also throws light on forecasting possible future demand for international student places from 144 countries assessing the likely market share of the UK in these countries.

The research focuses on the demand for higher education in the UK, and some additional projections for UK higher education delivered transnationally are given. The report does not explicitly cover further education, schools or the demand for English language programmes. However, the findings are very relevant to these sectors as many students enrol on such programmes as a pathway to higher education.

A team of British Council and IDP Education Australia staff undertook the project. The project team are - Anthony Böhm, Marcelo Follari, Andrew Hewett, Sarah Jones, Neil Kemp, Denis Meares, David Pearce and Kevin Van Cauter. Additional advice was sought from a Technical Advisory Group (TAG), comprising academics and practitioners active in the field.