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Highlights from Education at a Glance 2010, offers a reader-friendly introduction to the OECD’s collection of internationally comparable data on education. As the name suggests, it is derived from Education at a Glance 2010, the OECD’s flagship compendium of education statistics. However, it differs from that publication in a number of ways, most significantly in its structure, which is made up of five sections that explore the following topics:

Education levels and student numbers: How far have adults studied, and what access do young people have to education?

Economic and social benefits of education: How does education affect people’s job prospects and what is its impact on incomes?

Paying for education: What share of public spending goes on education, and what is the role of private spending?

The school environment: How many hours do teachers work and how does class size vary?

School choice, parent voice: How much school choice do parents have and do parents have a say in schooling?

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