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About Us
International Education Gateway ('IEG') is a Singapore based organization which believes in the necessity of Global exposure in today's higher education. With offices in Singapore, India and UK currently, IEG strives to work with institutions and students who believe in the power of Global Opportunities. Opportunities come in many shapes and sizes; there can be a large opportunity in accessing the "Best Fitting" university & course for the individual versus just going by some popular names which don't fit the needs. Or say, the face to face interactions at a young age with a learned professor from a foreign country can result in broadening of horizons for the student and result in opening up of many opportunities. At IEG, we believe that many gateways can be opened up if resources are pooled in hence we enable partnerships between like minded institutes around the world.

Internet has transformed the manner in which all businesses function today and it has shown profound possibilities for the education sector also. At IEG, we believe in leveraging the internet to the greatest extent to deliver our services & benefits. Besides having benefits of scale and efficiency, the internet allows for the systematic removal of human bias. It is this human bias which has prevented many a good opportunity from being realized.

As education is such a significant & personalized service, we have teams across countries to work personally with clients. Our team comes from very strong international backgrounds. We have the discipline of investment banking, the creativity of consulting and the efficiency of technology coupled with decades of great on the ground Global education industry experience. We are a mix of online & offline, modern & traditional sort of like the mix of Global & local that we strongly promote.

As the demand for higher education is set to explode across the Asian countries, Singapore posed itself as an ideal choice for the head office. Tested in 2010, IEG has been under conceptualization for many years. It is a young organization with a greatly experience team which is starting to receive recognition from many Governments as well as private / public institutions.
"We are a mix of online & offline, modern & traditional sort of like the mix of Global & local that we strongly promote"